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Commission Information

Fri May 20, 2016, 1:44 PM


Support Me !!! Buy me a Coffee Please : )

Please make sure to READ EVERYTHING before placing your order

> This is my Terms Of Service here

● I 
only accept USD as payment.
● I only accept PayPal.
● Please Pay Through Goods and Services! 
● You can send your payment after I complete your piece (Please don't waste my time!!!).
● I will give you a heavily watermarked finished piece. THEN I must be paid in full before I can remove the watermark.
  --- I will provide you with my paypal e-mail once the piece has been completed and sent to you in watermark form.
WIPs will be provided periodically, usually at the sketch, color and nearing completion phase.
● I require at least 1 month per order
● Please send your order in a NOTE through deviant art or a pm through gaiaonline my username is Crux Ashes or email me @
● Please title your NOTE,PM,Email "COMMISSION ORDER".
● I hold the right to decline any order for any reason I see fit.


> Added background will cost an additional $4 dollars.

❤ Single Fullbody (from head to toe) single color background --- $16.79 // couples would be - $25 

- Semi Realism or Anime Style

  Completed Commission by CruxAshes  Ivory by CruxAshes ~~~~~  Anime Girl by CruxAshes

❤ Single Knee-up (from the knees, upward) single color background --- $14.73 // couples would be $21.91

- Semi Realism or Anime Style

  Mars Princess by CruxAshes Sailor Moon by CruxAshes ~~~~~  Foxy by CruxAshes

❤ Single waist-up (from the waist, upward) single color background --- $12.65// couples would be $18.82

- Semi Realism or Anime Style

  Girl Commission by CruxAshes  Completed Commission by CruxAshes~~~~~  Caulifla by CruxAshes

❤ Single Bust (from the chest, upward) single color background --- $10.61 // couples would be $15.74

- Semi Realism or Anime Style

Completed Commission by CruxAshes    Abigael by CruxAshes  Jmaeqfsmallwater by CruxAshes

❤ Single Headshot (from the shoulder, upward) single color background --- $8.55

- Semi Realism or Anime Style

Ridley by CruxAshes  Iah by CruxAshes  Evie by CruxAshes

❤ Single Chibi --- $10.60 // couples couples would be $15.74

OurDyingHope by CruxAshes  Laelia by CruxAshes

❤ Single Plushie --- $10.60 // couples would be $15.74

PlushieStyle by CruxAshes  GodLucy by CruxAshes  Jesterr by CruxAshes

❤ Character Sheet (3Fullbodies, 3Accessories, 1Headshot) - $52 (Negotiable Depending on what you want.) 

- Semi Realism or Anime Style

Kerry Character Sheet by CruxAshes

Order Form

If you are interested in commissioning me, please fill this out as neatly as possible and send it via NOTE, GaiaPM or, Email

● PayPal E-Mail: Your PayPal E-mail / so I can send an invoice. 
● Ordering: Single or couple? 
● Style: Chibi style , anime style etc. ? 
● Type: Fullbody, knee-up or waist-up etc. ?
● References: Place your links / thumbnails here of the character(s) you'd like drawn.
● The Details: If there is anything specific I need to know, tell me about it here!
  Expressions or poses, flat chested or busty, any details or things you'd like to see, 
  let me hear it! Just be clear about it.

Please Understand the Process

If you are commissioning me, please understand that you will receive the following:

● You will be told when I begin your art.
● You will receive a SKETCH WIP
  --- if any BIG changes need to be made, like pose, the SKETCH phase is the time to let me know.
● You will receive a color wips along the way of the process. 
  --- only small changes and edits will be made now.
● You will receive the finished product heavilly watermarked unless pymt has been made already.
  --- only very minor changes can be made.

What You Will Receive During this Process !

1. 1. 300 DPI Full Sketch
2. 1. 300 DPI Flat Color
3. 1. 300 DPI Finished 8.5x11 Piece
4. 1 300 DPI Finished 8.5x11 Piece w/a Trans Background
5. 1 300 DPI Finished 3.09x4 Piece 


CruxAshes's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Ashes is New Media Design Student studying hard to someday become a great artist.
She is majorly influenced by Japanese styled manga and anime art though American Comic book style also has a big influence as well.
Ashes big art inspirations are Naoko Takeuchi, Clamp, Kaori Yuki, deviant artist Tooaya and many others.
Her main tools of the trade are mechanical pencils, printer paper, erasers, scanner, wacom bamboo tablet, Photoshop cs3 and Easy Paint Tool Sai and sometimes Adobe Illustrator.

Progress List

(It may take up to a month for completion) Consider Where you are in order of the list. RLC is priority !

Commissions are OPEN

RLC Commissions:

3. MzEpic Fullbody Anime > COMPLETE AND PAID THANK YOU !!
4. Zhyzmm Fullbody SR > Sketch Phase
5. Zhyzmm Fullbody SR > Sketch Phase

Gaia Commissions:

1. Spitfire xxiv WaistupSR > Sketch Phase
2. Kazdyn WaistupSR > Color Phase
3. Fresh Lemons WaistupSR> Sketch Phase

Art Trade:

1. Chirpysmom plushie > Color Phase

Art Auction:

1. The Lovely Emily Fullbody Anime > Sketch Phase


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